Patrick Kadewere

Patrick Kadewere is the BAME Officer. He is also a District Councillor for Huntingdon North ward, and a Town Councillor for North East ward on Huntingdon Town Council.

Patrick Kadewere, who lives in Huntingdon’s Oxmoor estate, is already a Councillor. Back in 2012, he ousted the Council Leader Jeff Dutton to gain the Labour Party‚Äôs first seat on the District Council since 1999. Patrick’s strong local record and determination to stand up for the people of Huntingdon have won him respect and friendship from many residents. Local support has been crucial in achieving many environmental improvements, despite the budget cuts the council has had to endure in recent years. Patrick has managed to do things like get the bridges on Coneygear Road repaired and painted, remove graffiti, and restore street lighting – real, practical improvements that make Huntingdon a nicer place to live and work. Email Patrick at