Anita Diaz

Anita is a Councillor for Huntingdon North on Huntingdonshire District Council and for Huntingdon North East on Huntingdon Town Council.

Anita Diaz is no career politician – as a Lecturer in Further and Higher Education, she has first-hand experience of the dreadful impact of Austerity on our public services. This year, frustrated by the awful effect of cuts on ordinary people’s lives, she decided to take real action and stand for election as a Labour councillor, to give ordinary people a voice. Austerity is wrecking all our public services and stealing people’s life chances. In education, not only do most parents have no choice about how and where their child is educated, but school dinners have recently been snatched away, and university students saddled with unpayable lifelong debt and no prospect of owning a home.. The same thing is happening to ALL our public services. Anita will strive to ensure that everyone is given a fair chance in life. Email Anita at