Shoebox for Syrian Orphans Appeal

We’ve all seen the terrible pictures coming from the war in Syria.

Huntingdon Labour is asking for donations to the Shoebox for Syrian Orphans appeal. We’re asking our members in St Neots to fill a shoe box with different items which could include toys, vegetarian sweets, or stationery. They’ll be collected from the Medway Centre on 15th July, or you can give them to Cllr Anita Diaz (drop them off in the evening to 20 Willow Close, St Neots PE19 2JD, or email anita.diaz.camre@gmail.com if you’d like her to collect them from you) who will take them to the drop-off point.

From the drop-off point at the Medway Centre, the shoeboxes will be added to a larger project being organised in Peterborough.