Local elections results 2018

Labour now has four councillors on Huntingdonshire District Council, four on Huntingdon Town Council, and one on St Neots Town Council.

Speaking in St Neots, newly-elected councillor Dr Nik Johnson said "I'm delighted that so many people across Huntingdonshire have trusted Labour with their votes. With twice as many councillors at Pathfinder House, we will be able to better hold the ruling Conservatives to account, and we will be better able to represent ordinary people across the District."

"We know from last year how different local elections are from general elections. Labour's message of building a country for the many, not the few, has resonated across the country, and we will be out every day, campaigning and building for a fairer Britain"

The make-up of Huntingdonshire District Council is now Conservative 30, LibDem 7, SNIG 6, Independents 5, and Labour 4.

Pie chart showing councillors on Huntingdonshire District Council. Conservative 30, LibDem 7, SNIG 6, Independent 5, Labour 4

However, Labour received the second highest share of the vote across the District, beating the LibDems into third place.

Pie chart showing share of vote for Huntingdonshire District Council. Conservative 49%, Liberal Democrat 16%, SNIG 8%, Independent 5%, Labour 17%, UKIP 5%, Green less than 1%

Labour came second in a number of wards - Fenstanton; Great Paxton; Kimbolton; Somersham; St Ives East; St Ives South; St Ives West; Stilton, Folksworth & Washingley; and Warboys.

Labour also has representation on Huntingdon Town Council and St Neots Town Council.

The full list of district council and town/parish council results are available from Huntingdonshire District Council.

Huntingdon Labour Councillors

Huntingdonshire District Council

Patrick Kadewere (Huntingdon North)

Anita Diaz (Huntingdon North)

Sam Wakeford (Huntingdon North)

Nik Johnson (St Neots East)

St Neots Town Council

Christine Green (Church)

Huntingdon Town Council

Patrick Kadewere (North East)

Ann Beevor (North East)

Anita Diaz (North East)

Sam Sweek (North East)