Hustings last night and tonight, St Neots then St Ives

We had a fantstic hustings last night with Nik giving brilliant and passionate contributions on the NHS, St Neots needs, schools, housing and the economy. Absurd Trump style climate change denial from UKIP plus migrant nonsense. Mealymouthed Labour lite from green and libdem. Then Nik’s amazing Corbyn support story raised the roof.

We are very pleased that at last Huntingdonshire has managed to organise a hustings for the General Election. In previous years there has been a chance to debate on BBC Radio, Local TV, Huntingdon Community Radio, as well as in person at places like Huntingdonshire regional College. This time none of these has managed any debate at all, and so it has been left to the churches and the trade unions to step in. Sadly the NUT and Churches Together in Huntingdon and Godmanchester initiatives fell through, but St Neots had a hustings with four of the five candidates last night at 7pm and St Ives has a hustings with all five of them tonight at 7.30pm. Come with badges, posters and rosettes to support Dr Nik.

Venue: Tonight Friday St Ives Methodist Church 7.30pm.


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