Campaigning on #UniversalCredit in #StNeots

St Neots supporters were out on the streets on February 1st to highlight the devastating effects Universal Credit will have on so many people here.

I carried a large board with the ‘NO Universal Credit’ message and Labour poster, followed by several hardy souls who handed out nearly 500 leaflets to shoppers and visitors in the town centre. Surprising how many still weren’t clear what Universal Credit was or whether it might affect them! Even more important then that we were there with Labour’s message spelling out the likely dire consequences once it’s rolled out here in October.

Thank you to shoppers Natalie and Vicky who, having taken leaflets, announced they were Labour supporters and came along with us handing out leaflets themselves!

Occasionally standing at traffic barriers with the large board raised displayed to oncoming traffic – a few hoots of solidarity -along with the conversations, the visual impact of Labour out and about in town, we can’t have failed to demonstrate that Labour cares and is alive and well in St Neots. Well done all who braved the cold.

Christine Green, St Neots Labour Group

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  1. Well done Christine and team – this is a desperate problem for so many claimants as I found out when I observed at the CAB last year.

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