Disability survey

Our Disability Officers, Kathryn Gibson and Celia Emery, have put together a questionnaire on disability for all members of the CLP (whether you identify as disabled or not). We’d really appreciate it if you could take a moment to complete the questionnaire on our website; all responses will, of course, be anonymous. If you would […]

Local elections results 2018

Labour now has four councillors on Huntingdonshire District Council, four on Huntingdon Town Council, and one on St Neots Town Council.Speaking in St Neots, newly-elected councillor Dr Nik Johnson said “I’m delighted that so many people across Huntingdonshire have trusted Labour with their votes. With twice as many councillors at Pathfinder House, we will be […]

Labour success on Hunts DC

Congratulations to Patrick Kadewere, Sam Wakeford, and Anita Diaz, who took all three seats in Huntingdon North, with Patrick being re-elected; and congratulations to Dr Nik on being elected to St Neots East, giving St Neots its first Labour representation on Hunts DC for some time. Congratulations again and also to Patrick Kadewere, Ann Beevor, […]