CEO of Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Lance McCarty, in public meeting next Tuesday – come along!

Rob Gardiner, Huntingdon Labour’s new NHS Officer, alerts us to the fact that Huntingdonshire District Council will be holding a special meeting on Tuesday 28th June, 7pm at Pathfinder House where CEO of Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Lance McCarty and Val Moore from Healthwatch Cambridgeshire will face Councillors and the public on the proposed merger with Peterborough […]

Zeichner talk cancelled

As it is so close to the referendum we have decided to cancel Daniel Zeichner’s talk on this Friday, 24th June at the Huntingdon Town Hall. Daniel will be with us in the autumn instead.  

Tribute to Jo Cox from Labour List

Jo Cox was a unique Labour MP whose approach to politics, international development and her family marked her out as compassionate and clever. Her work in Westminster and life outside Parliament were cruelly cut short in an act of senseless barbarity in Birstall, West Yorkshire, yesterday lunchtime. MPs, activists and the wider Labour movement are […]

Get your bowling shoes on!

It’s that time of year when we show the voting public what good green bowlers we are. We encourage all our members to firmly grasp this opportunity and get back to Phil Sly by phone, e-mail or at the next meeting, so that a team or teams can be formed . The event is to be […]

Jo Cox MP

On behalf of the Huntingdon Labour Party, we record our grief and anger at the murder of Jo Cox MP by a fanatic. Our thoughts are with her family.

Bottles for Godmanchester carnival stall!

Can we remind everyone that we are looking for donations of bottles; basically anything in a bottle, whether made of plastic, glass or stone? Filled of course with liquids — soft drinks are good but we’re also hoping for wine, shampoo, lotions, hand cream, perfume,   Anything really, except medicine! 🙂 If people could bring their donations to […]

The balance sheet of notable supporters for EU Remain and for Leave

EU referendum – perhaps knowing how notable people are thinking could help out. Here are some that strongly believe the UK should remain a member of the EU: • Governor of the Bank of England • International Monetary Fund • Institute for Fiscal Studies • Confederation of British Industry • Leaders/heads of state of every […]

Sleepingwalking to the referendum?

We still have 16 person-hours of leafleting to do before the referendum. We will target traditional Labour areas in Huntingdon, St Neots, Godmanchester and St Ives. We have delivered to Huntingdon North Thongsley asnd The Whaddons, Anderson Way and surrounds in Godmanchester, High Leys in St Ives, and Sandfields in St Neots. Where else is […]