Join the Cambridge Labour Battlebus this Saturday

The Labour in for Britain bus is rolling into Cambridge this weekend. Please come along for a high visibility campaign session and walkabout in the city centre. We’ll be joined by Labour MPs Kate Green and Caroline Flint to spread our positive, pro European message.  Sign up here Afterwards, Join us at our Weekly Phonebank at Alex […]

EU Referendum campaign – now with added Zeichner

EU REFERENDUM CAMPAIGN Wed June 1st – 4pm Huntingdon Town Centre with Daniel Zeichner MP Other events We will have a table with EU map game in town centres St Ives 21st May 12 noon town centre St Neots 28th May 12 noon town centre Huntingdon 4th June Riverside Gala 10am Riverside plus 12 noon […]

Labour Party Structure

One for the nerds this. As our AGM is tonight you might want to know how the Party is organised. We will be voting for our own officers and for our recommendation for the constituency members of the National Executive Committee. Guide to Labour Party Structures11-25831 It is not by the Labour Party, but is […]

The EU referendum voting guide

You will have got one of these through your front door. It’s encouraging that the IN side of the centre spread is much better designed than the OUT side.   EU-Referendum-voting-guide_England-and-Scotland

Migration and the EU

Labour has historically not challenged Tory and UKIP lies about migration as well as we should have. Read BBC Home editor Mark Easton’s tweets to get a refreshingly helpful picture. @bbcmarkeaston

The Labour In for Britain short campaign starts here.

‘Labour is In for Britain’ – Jeremy Corbyn, Alan Johnson and Gloria De Piero launch the Labour In for Britain short campaign  On Tuesday, Labour launched its referendum short campaign.  What we do as Labour campaigners between now and 23rd June will play a decisive role in the result.  Labour is clear that Britain is […]

Daniel Zeichner in Huntingdon Town Hall Friday June 24th

Huntingdon Town Hall, Friday 24th June, 7pm – 9pm Daniel Zeichner, MP for Cambridge, will give a talk and lead a discussion on the meaning of the EU referendum result – whether it is IN or OUT. Hosted by the Huntingdon Labour Party, this event is free and open to all. Whatever your views – […]

40 days to go

With 40 days to go until the important European Referendum, there’s plenty of campaigning activity to get involved with locally. Check back here regularly to find out about Labour In for Britain campaign events in your area to make the Labour case to keep Britain in the European Union ahead of the referendum on 23 June. Whilst fighting to […]

AGM and NEC nomination next Monday

Apart from electing our own officers, we also have the opportunity on Monday to nominate constituency reps on the National Executive Committee, which is likely to restore some of its power in the Corbyn era. The Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance suggested that all CLPs nominate the following: Ann Black Ann is Secretary of Oxford East CLP […]