Campaign to re-elect Patrick Kadewere launched.

Thanks to our increased membership we are able to run a professional campaign to re-elect Patrick on May 5th. We have started by ringing round all new members to ask for help. Can you help in any of these ways? commit to three door-to-door delivery sessions between now and May put up a poster put […]

Poll results show Labour members favour an IN leader

Interesting results on what policies Labour members would support or oppose: Also see below – we are delivering this leaflet to 4000 addresses in Huntingdon North, prior to May 5th’s crucial election to re-elect Patrick Kadwere, and of course the referendum on June 23rd. Labour_IN

What did the EU ever do for us? Here is a pretty fulsome answer from a professor of international politics

Labour IN for Britain leaflets

Your support for the Labour In is vital to helping local parties deliver one million leaflets in the coming weeks*. I’ll be voting to remain in Europe because: Millions of British jobs are linked to Europe. Your rights at work are protected — like the rights to paid holiday and maternity and paternity leave. Almost […]

The EU referendum is now set for June 23rd

In anticipation of this, we have recently setup a brand new area on the Huntingdon CLP site (titled “IN Europe“) where we will cover news and updates during this hugely important lead-up — during the national campaign over the next few months — to this date in June, when everyone in the country will get […]

UPDATE: Huntingdon CLP minutes & agendas

These items are being uploaded to this member-only area. Please take the time to check that the minutes are a true and fair record of the last meeting. If you would like to add items for debate to the agenda for the next meeting,  please email Angela. If you require access but haven’t yet been […]