Euroscepticism by Chatham House

This paper by the Chatham House thinktank (known more for defence analysis) gives an insight into the main UK EU opponents – city financiers plus older and less advantaged social groups. Euroscepticism article: EuroscepticismGoodwinMilazzom

Ed Miliband on inequality London Review of Books – may ask you to subscribe but this is a free article

Post from Momentum on Cameron’s ‘Bunch of Migrants’ smear

This is actually stomach churning. These are people who are fleeing desperate situations. Emaciated children. And Cameron, cheered on by his baying backbenchers, contemptuously calls them a “bunch of migrants”. Lets get ourselves organised, let’s make sure that this man and his party are booted out of office as soon as possible: “David Cameron has […]

Labour CND discussion at the Conway Hall, London

If you’re in London this weekend, then on Sat 30 Jan starting at 10.00am come along to a discussion presented by Labour CND Join several Labour MPs as they discuss the Labour Party’s approach to Trident and foreign policy in the light of the election of Jeremy Corbyn. It’s your chance to hear a discussion that is […]

Campaign Days

National Campaign Days before May’s elections In the run up to the elections on 5 May there will be a series of National Campaign Day Days ahead of which we’ll encourage members and supporters to sign up and take part in campaign activity in key areas across the country. Please put the dates below in […]

Commemoration Hall reprieved? This looks like a minor victory – fingers crossed. Labour has consistently campaigned for the Huntingdon Commemoration Hall to be available for community groups.