Members survey on EU

Angela Hogan asked for these questions from the Europe discussion to be put to members. Remember we discuss the EU with Alex Mayer on Monday November 16th at 8pm in the Huntingdon Medway Centre. There are only five questions – please respond. Initial responses from 47 people are below the survey link. Q1 – […]

Labour Annual Conference 2015

  CAC Report 1 – Sunday 27 September CAC Report 2 – Monday 28 September CAC 3 Report – Tuesday 29 September CAC 4 Report-Wednesday 30 September Labour conference main speeches

Two speakers booked

Daniel Zeichner, Labour MP for Cambridge, and Alex Mayer, East of England rep for the National Policy Forum, have both agreed to speak at a monthly meeting. Alex in November, Daniel at a date to be decided. Alex will talk about the European Union. What would you like Daniel to discuss?

Congratulations to the new team

Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson. What a weekend. It’s been hard to keep up and it has been reported another 62,500 people have joined the Labour Party since the leader election.  Nik Johnson Vice-Chair HCLP

Come to our monthly meeting on Monday 21st Sept at the Medway Centre, 8pm

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Supporters, New Members, Firstly, my apologies for the rather impersonal nature of this first message of a hopefully more effective and efficient communication process from the Huntingdon Labour Party.  My name is Nik Johnson, Vice Chair of the Huntingdon Labour Party , and I hope you will be pleased  to have received this. There […]

E-newsletter September/October from Richard Howitt MEP

E-newsletter September/October from Richard Howitt MEP, Labour’s Member of the European Parliament for the East of England: “It’s your future!” Richard meets “Votes at 16” campaigners from across the region to back their call to take part in the EU referendum, (read more). East Labour MPs Clive Lewis, Daniel Zeichner and Gavin Shuker discuss the […]

Corbyn in Cambridge 6 September

Jeremy Corbyn spoke to 1200 people at Great St Mary’s Church, with 100 more outside, on 6th September. At least six active Huntingdon members were there. There was some interesting coverage in the Cambridge News, The Guardian and a quirky blog called The Dragon’s Best Friend.