NEC 2017

At this year’s conference, it was agreed to increase the number of constituency reps on the National Executive Committee (NEC) from six to nine; the process of choosing the three extra reps is under way. More information and a timetable are available on the national party’s website (login required).


We understand that Johanna Baxter, Yasmine Dar, Nick Donovan, Rachel Garnham, Eddie Izzard, Gurinder Josan, Jon Lansman, Nicola Morrison, and Sarah Taylor have received the necessary five nominations to proceed to the ballot.

People seeking nominations

Nominations have now closed; we retain the information we had for completeness.

There is no central list of prospective candidates at this stage, but we are aware of the following people seeking nominations.

There are two ‘slates’ or groups of candidates running together that we are aware of. These are Independence and Diversity (Singh Josan, Izzard, and Baxter), and Centre Left Grassroots Alliance (Dar, Garnham, Lansman).