There are Labour representatives on Huntingdonshire District Council, Huntingdon Town Council, and St Neots Town Council from our area. There are also Labour representatives on Cambridgeshire County Council from outside Huntingdon constituency.

Huntingdonshire District Councillors

Patrick Kadewere (Huntingdon North)

Anita Diaz (Huntingdon North)

Sam Wakeford (Huntingdon North)

Nik Johnson (St Neots East)
Nik offers a regulary councillor's surgery at Loves Farm House, Kester Way, Loves Farm, PE19 6SL on the first Monday of the month from 1000 to 1100. If you would like to meet privately or at another time, as an individual or a group, please email

St Neots Town Councillors

Christine Green (Church)

Huntingdon Town Councillors

Patrick Kadewere (North East)

Ann Beevor (North East)

Anita Diaz (North East)

Samuel Sweek (North East) Email If you would like to meet or discuss anything with Samuel, please email